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For the Citizens. By the Citizens

Gone are the days when we voted politicians to power and forgot about governance. Gone also are the days when we pleaded for our rights. Now we demand. That is how we work.

3 step action plan of ‘Better Pune’

Register to become a member

As a member you will be a part of the ‘citizens’ movement! Here you will connect with like-minded citizens who want to work towards the betterment of Pune.
As a member you will be able to voice your concerns through our website. You can mail to us your concerns pertaining to Pune’s physical and social infrastructure like roads, transport, hospitals, parks, water supply etc. The nature of the problem can be general, like one concerning the tanker mafia or local, like water supply to a particular locality.
We will select relevant and important concerns, which will be taken up on the website.

Apply to become a volunteer

You can choose to be a volunteer and become a part of our core group! We will recruit only a limited number of volunteers once in every two months. Volunteers will be trained rigorously on governance issues, RTI, Lokpal etc. The volunteers will be organised into different teams. The teams will be assigned mentors who will be experts in areas such as public transport, water management, environmental issues etc.
Every team will be required to get information and create reports in their respective areas on a regular basis. These reports will be based on citizens’ concerns. Teams will work along with PMC and its elected representatives to get work executed as per citizens’ priority.


Issues can be put up by citizens at a city level or ward level. Top priorities will be picked up for debate. Solutions will be discussed with experts and government authorities. Citizens may also be asked to vote and debate to arrive at a conclusion.

Advantages of this method
  • Citizens will be able to participate actively by voicing their concerns, discussing problems and solutions, giving their inputs for petitions and thus become involved in the process of development.
  • Our tax money will get directed to solving the genuine problems of the citizens. At ‘Better Pune’ every person’s concern will become everybody’s concern and together we will demand and get to the solution.
At ‘Better Pune’ every person’s concern will become everybody’s concern and together we will demand and get to the solution.

Register. Participate. Execute.

'Better Pune' is it’s citizens' resolve to solve Pune’s infrastructural problems. It’s about coming together to demand what we need and deserve. The battle for a ‘Better Pune’ will start with the three top concerns voiced by its citizens. Eventually all the problems highlighted by Puneites will be our agenda. Register to participate in a bright future for Pune.


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